Skip navigation   about alzheimer's understanding alzheimer's risk factors & prevention symptoms & stages screening & diagnosis alzheimer's disease treatment living with alzheimer's ask an expert news updates resources give a gift advocate for change get involved research grants special events     alzheimer's symptoms & stages on this page, you will find the following: symptoms & stages of alzheimer’s disease memory problems: is it alzheimer's? viagra kaufen preisvergleich Visit your doctor symptoms & stages of alzheimer’s disease some common early symptoms of alzheimer’s disease include confusion, disturbances in short-term memory, problems with attention and spatial orientation, changes in personality, language difficulties and unexplained mood swings. Normally, these symptoms are very mild, and presence of the disease may not be apparent to the person experiencing the symptoms, loved ones or even health professionals. cheap generic viagra The three stages listed below represent the general progression of the disease. viagra kaufen preisvergleich Although these symptoms will likely vary in severity and chronology, overlap and fluctuate, the overall progress of the disease is fairly predictable. viagra kaufen preisvergleich On average, people live for 8 to 10 years after diagnosis, but this terminal disease can last for as long as 20 years. Where to order viagra online safe Alzheimer’s generally leads to impairment of cognitive and memory function, communication problems, personality changes, erratic behavior, dependence and loss of control over bodily functions. v viagra youtube Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t affect every person the same way, but symptoms normally progress in these stages. viagra for sale Stage 1 (mild): this stage can last from 2 to 4 years. cheap viagra online Early in the illness, those with alzheimer’s tend to be less energetic and spontaneous. cheap generic viagra They exhibit minor memory loss and mood swings, and are slow to learn and react. headquarters of viagra They may become withdrawn, avoid people and new places and prefer the familiar. viagra without a doctor prescription Individuals become confused, have difficulty organizing and planning, get lost easily and exercise poor judgment. What does daily viagra cost They may have difficulty performing routine tasks, and have trouble communicating and understanding written material. viagra effects kidney If the person is employed, memory loss may begin to affect job performance. viagra 20 gr They can become angry and frustrated. buy viagra online Some specific examples of behaviors that people exhibit in this mild stage include: getting lost difficulty managing money and paying bills repetitive questions and conversations taking longer than usual to finish routine daily tasks poor judgment losing things or misplacing them in odd places noticeable changes in personality or mood stage 2 (moderate): this is generally the longest stage and can last 2 to 10 years. buy cheap viagra In this stage, the person with alzheimer’s is clearly becoming disabled. buy cheap generic viagra online Individuals can still perform simple tasks independently, but may need assistance with more complicated activities. will half viagra pill work They forget recent events and their personal history, and become more disoriented and disconnected from reality. cheap viagra online Memories of the d. cheap generic viagra Viagra 100 pfizer viagra side effects joint pain how does viagra daily use work generic viagra tablets india viagra less side effects than viagra what a viagra pill looks like viagra and viagra combo pack female viagra use active ingredients of viagra viagra women what happens viagra price sa