Pilepsy. Whenever possible, doctors try to prevent seizures with a single medication. This is called monotherapy. viagra pill number However, some people may require polytherapy, the use of more than one medication to achieve seizure control. When selecting a drug, your doctor will consider the type of seizures you have. Not all medications work for all types of seizures. Like all drugs, epilepsy medicines have side effects. taking viagra20 Some are dose-related, and become more likely as the dose increases. Treatment effectiveness intractable: seizures that do not respond to medications. Thirty percent of people with epilepsy have these kinds of seizures. Also known as "drug resistant. " the international league against epilepsy (ilae) defines drug resistant epilepsy as "a failure of adequate â  trials of two tolerated and appropriately chosen and used aed schedules (whether as monotherapies or in combination) to achieve sustained seizure freedom. buy viagra in us " reference: kwan p. taking viagra20 , et al, definition of drug resistant epilepsy. Consensus proposal by the ad hoc task force of the ilae commission on therapeutic strategies. taking viagra20 Epilepsia. canada viagra online without prescription Doi: 10. 1111/j. viagra heartburn 1528-1167. viagra coupon 2009. 02397. X most authors report that antiepileptic drugs provide complete control for more than half of all patients with epilepsy, and reduce the number of seizures in another 20 to 30 percent. order viagra The remaining 20 percent do not respond to current medications and their condition is termed "intractable" or "refractory to treatment. " some of these people may have other treatment options, such as surgery, or (in children) the ketogenic diet. Reports in the medical literature suggest between 75 and 80 percentâ of patients with idiopathic, generalized epilepsy have reliable, long term control of seizures on currently available drugs. Some patient surveys, however, show larger percentages of people continuing to have seizures, although they may describe their condition as being under control. viagra without prescription Selection bias (clinic-based survey respondents may be more severely affected) may have some bearing on these different results; also, physicians and patients may have different interpretations of control. Compliance is a term which describes the degree to which the person with epilepsy (or the parent of a child with epilepsy) follows the physician's directions on how and when medicine should be taken, and (sometimes) on what kinds of lifestyle changes should be made. viagra online without prescription What is epilepsy causes of epilepsy seizures health risks treatment medications surgery v.