Uzzle up to your old british friends, disappointment, struggle and failure, they will get you through, you are not miley cirus, or bieber, they dont give a half-heartedly pushed out turdlette about you, they just want your money. buy generic viagra They are not really your friends, they think you smell and your teeth are awful. Tv tries to make up for it with heartwarming shows like undateables, which features people with varying level of mental problems, amputees and/or midgets trying to do what comes naturally to humans, get laid, bless them, it had a story that ended with me and everyone we know crying tears of joy while a guy who looked like the lead singer of supergrass fell in love, it was magical, and who couldn’t be buoyed by the wheel chair bound girl with the growth defect and the palpable disappointment on her face when her date didn’t turn out to be a strapping policeman, but in fact a bit of a weirdo in a wheelchair, bless her, aim high shoot everywhere i say. Sadly though, it does encourage the horrid point and laugh alienate section of britain into action. I’ll finish with antiques. buy generic viagra online The antiques roadshow has been going on for years and people tune in, they are not interested in the history of the tat, oh, did you know this piece was made by fuckling and shisterton in buckby around 1778 and was commissioned for the sea faring nonce and all round boy botherer lord coppen of thundercunt? Fast forward mate, we just want to hear how much its worth and see the crushing disappointment on the face of the poor prick who was gambling everything on a pocket watch, or the even poorer prick who has trekked all the way from morecombe with a grandfather clock on their back to be told its worth minus pounds. cheap viagra pills We need to make a change, this crap is fucking our kids up, turning them into image timid social network reliant divs and it all needs to be scrapped. viagra how long to take before The only way to save our kids is by cutting tv to two channels, one to show bergerac on a loop, and the other, the professionals. buy viagra without prescription Oh, and maybe another channel with susanna reid on it, just showing women how to be a woman. God i love you susanna, marry me? No? viagra online eu , ok, just go out with me for a couple of months and dump me? viagra 100mg kaufen …no? , how about a date? No? viagra online eu , a kiss? viagra online eu ….. No? Just cup my nuts for 30 seconds like a nurse in an s. T. I clinic? Please for fucksake, i said please.. viagra prescription woman 1 She’s gone. order viagra online Share this: twitter facebook like this: like be the first to like this. viagra for sale Written by dickyleaks posted in uncategorized leave a reply cancel reply enter your comment here... viagra viagra viagra im vergleich Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: email (required) (address never made public) name (required) website you are commenting using your wordpress. Com account. ( log out / change ) you are commenting using your twitter account. ( log out / change ) you are commenting using your facebook acco.